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Wonda is a fully-integrated food distribution and services company with services for Australia, Middle East, Asia, and North America.
We offer a turnkey solution that encapsulates every link in the supply chain from the manufacturing stage through to consumer fulfillment.

Wonda clients have access to all the following:

● government certification service ● customs guidance ● quantified consumer subscription base ● e-commerce platform ● shipping and logistics fulfillment ● social media inception and deployment ● physical retail partnership networks

Why Wonda

Wonda levels the playing field so that both small and large suppliers can reach new markets, deliver more value, and make people happy all along the way.

Consumer Happiness

Consumers are happy when they can access quality products at fair prices. Whether they are getting new products or nostalgic homeland delicacies, Wonda provides convenient options. Advanced technology provides detailed, real-time insights on consumer behavior.

Client Happiness

Clients are happy when they can focus on their core business and leave the logistics, fulfilment, customs, and shipping to experts. Access to vending and CVS distribution channels via cutting edge technology are among the many factors that make Wonda different and better.

A Happier Society

People are happiest when they’re helping other people, especially those in need. Wonda’s efficient technology and streamlined, data-driven processes allow consumers to seamlessly and effortlessly help others and feel the happiness that comes from giving back.


Wonda knows that happiness is an efficient, innovative, and well-run logistics network, in which every product is certified authentic and traceable to its source. Other values of the unique Wonda value proposition:


Wonda sources and brings to market quality private-label foods as well as new brands and efficiently delivers authentic, established consumer brands.


Eliminates complex and risky customs, tariffs, and delivery issues to allow products to flow freely and rapidly to wherever they are needed.


Offers a community-based e-commerce platform that allows products to be sold at more affordable price-points.


Real-time monitoring and through-the-line traceability ensure that products are authentic , compliant and high quality.

Social Responsibility

Technology-enabled philanthropic engagement is highly engaging and rewarding for both givers and beneficiaries.


Successful export marketing requires a comprehensive understanding of cross-border transactions, partnering with intermediaries, and product/service introduction as well as cross-cultural marketing. Wonda helps clients deal with the fundamentals, including assessment of internal capabilities to engage in international logistics, product adaptation, export pricing and payments, and local promotion.

Regulatory Approvals

Regulatory approvals for exporters are at the core of a successful food operation. Wonda works closely with qualified experts to ensure that regulatory compliance is planned for and maintained.

Qualified Data

Up-to-date analytics and monitoring allow Wonda to support our clients’ decision-making, strategic planning, product development, and marketing.

Social Media

Our global network of social media agency partners have the local language and cultural knowledge to translate and localize your strategies.


We partner with airlines, shipping companies and warehouse facilities to support our strong distribution network.


Rapid, accurate, and safe fulfillment is achieved through a variety of channels including home delivery, pick up, and vending. Bespoke solutions are aligned to local conditions, customs and infrastructure of each market.


We know what really matters to our client partners

Access to markets

Integrated solutions

Strategic brand deployment


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